What we offer

The main business scope of the eTMspace

Our Unique Value Propositions

   eTMspace also provides enhanced business consulting services such as global brand strategy, intellectual property rights management, trademark monitoring, trademark design, as well as trademark infringement litigation,civil actionof illicit competition, trademarks extension services, in addition to providing enterprises with a longtail solution of intellectual property rights which helps customers’ business gain  competitive advantages.


Trademark inquiries

A trademark agency may inquire about the registration of a trademark to see confirm if the trademark to be registered in the same or similar to a...


Global registration Applications

Trademark registration applications refer to trademark registration applications for...


The Review of the Trademark

If a trademark is rejected, the Trademark Office shall notify the applicant of trademark registration in writing...


Trademark objections and replies

Trademark objection application means an application against registration of a trademark...


The review of Trademark objection

If the parties do not accept the trademark objection ruling of the Trademark Office, they shall...


Any invalidation of registered Trademark

Any invalidation of registered trademark refers to an Application for invalidation filed on the two categories...


Cancel Registered Unused Trademark three consecutive years.

Any unit or individual may apply to the Trademark Office for the...


Renewal of Trademark

Trademark renewal refers to the system in which the owner of a registered trademark, within a...


The change of the Trademark

If the name, address or other registered items of the trademark registrant shall be changed after the trademark is...


Transfer of the Trademark

The transfer of the trademark refers to the act of transferring the exclusive...


Trademark Cancellation

Trademark cancellation refers to the legal procedure by which the trademark...


Trademark license Record

Trademark license record means that the trademark license contract shall be...


Trademark Action

Trademark action refers to legal disputes and disputes surrounding trademarks. In practice...

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